Arkansas, The Natural State


Arkansas is one of the greener American states. This state is a perfect destination for any nature lover and outdoor person. If you are one of them, there is something for you there, for sure. Arkansas ranges in all kinds of terrain, and there are mountains in the region of Ozark, forests in the south, dubbed as Timberlands and vast flat lands around the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta. This is just the tip of the ice berg, because there is a reason Arkansas is called the the Natural State.

smalltowns1_586x293Arkansas depicts an average US state in both size and population, taking, respectively, 29th and 32nd place on the states chart. There are a little short of 3 million people calling Arkansas home and the state is taking 53,179 square miles. The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock and it’s the biggest city in the state. It is placed centrally in the state and it perfectly depicts it’s role in the state – it’s the beating heart of the state, with all the roads and money ways leading to it.

Historically, Arkansas was a part of the Confederation and after the Civil War they had a rough times developing since a lot of their economy was affected by the after effects of the war. It took them decades to rebuild and repurpose their economy and for a time they were an underdeveloped state.This image was, and some think that it still is a mark of the state, making it look like a poor state filled with backwards thinking people, but the fact can’t stand any serious critical claim. Many famous people came from Arkansas and changed the world, one of the better known politicians would be Bill Clinton and who other than the country music legend Johny Cash.

buffalo-river-canoe-tripsArkansas is a home to one of the America’s most famous natural resorts – Hot Springs. It is located near the city with the same name and stands for one of the most interesting natural landscapes. Hot Springs attract thousands of tourists and nature lovers every year despite the fact that it is the smallest national park in the US. While it is the smallest national park in the States, it has another unique title to it. too – Hot Springs is the oldest federal reserve in the country. Hot Springs got their name by the hot springs that can be found there and they have been repurposed to serve as the hot water supply for the people of Hot Springs.

The oldest national river in the US is also located in Arkansas and it is called Buffalo National River. It is a 150 miles of perfect nature and water that serve as a great getaway place for many nature lovers and adventure seekers. If you trek the river, you might come across the elk herd, which is the only one found in the state. Everything else is just perfect, too, since this location is under strict protection of the Government, allowing no human influence to the natural life.